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English Teacher Recruitment for China

English Teacher Recruitment for China

Why choose China & Instec

● The 2nd largest economic unity. “Feel china, experience china” has become the new trend.

● Chinese students and adults are very committed in studying English. There are a lot job opportunities in public schools, private schools, private training institutions. English teachers are highly respected and well paid.

● INSTEC has set up office in Qingdao, China, which keeps close communication and connection with schools and institutions. The office manager was graduated from McMaster University, who has intensive knowledge and experience of Canadian and other western culture. The office is capable of providing professional and considerable service to foreign teachers.

Procedures & Service

1、English teachers: submit profile, qualification certificate, requirement and expectations on the job

2、INSTEC: matching candidates profile with positions opening in china and providing school profiles to English teachers.

3、After preliminary matchup, INSTEC will set up three parties’ communication and agreements.

4、INSTEC will keep communication and attention to make sure of English teachers life and job situation.

Job Opportunity & Application Form