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Homestay Family Application

Homestay Family Application

requirement :

no criminal record is a must. Positive and friendly to international students, willing to live with and sharing Canadian life and culture with them. Consider international students as member of their family.

Application steps :

1. Contact us via email, then we will respond with detailed information of our program.

2. If you are willing to join us, we will visiting you and shooting pictures of your family and the house.

3. Fill application form.

4. INSTEC will make a profile of your family after collecting information and pictures.

5. instec will send your information to international students when they receive visa.

6. We will send you information of the student and confirmation letter t as soon as he/she makes the selection.

7. INSTEC will pick up the student from airport when he/she lands in Canada, and take he/she to your house.

Application Forms

Homestay Provider Application

Contact Information

Company Name: Instec International Inc.
Company Address: Unit RC7,12 Walnut St S
Canada,L8N 2K7
Company Mailing Address: 15 Valleyside Lane
L9H 0A7
Telephone(Office): 1-905-528-2701(Canada Eastern Time 10am-6pm)
Fax: 1-416-800-4665
Cell Phone: 1-905-515-7281(Canada Eastern Time 8am-9pm)
E-mail: info@instec.ca
QQ/微信: 103608194